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Aptimera specializes in nutrition, food and health services.

Our services include research related work, nutritional calculations, consultancy and development of communication materials within the area of nutrition.

We also offer information about Nordic foods, food trends and calculated recipes.

About us

The company was founded in 2010 by clinical dietican, licensed project manager and communications consultant Anna Stubbendorff. Aptimera has worked with the Swedish Association of Clinical Dietitians (DRF), Oatly, the Swedish Cancer Rehablitation Foundation (Cancerrehabfonden), Danone Medical Nutrition in the Netherlands (Nutricia), Kristianstad University, Skåne Food Innovation Network, the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation, Kostdata Ltd., Foodpower Ltd., Swedish Dental Service organisation, Poolarna Personal Assistance Ltd., The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Alna, ACO Danmark (Omega Pharma Nordic Ltd.), and several municipalities in Sweden.

We are very pleased to have interested parties on our webpage, although as it is mainly in Swedish, we kindly ask you to contact us via the contact form provided below for more information.

- helping you create a healthier world